Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy for Orders for Machines and Tools supplied by Garnet Tools

As a seller representing Garnet Tools on various portals, we recognize the importance of delivering products to our customers efficiently and reliably. Our delivery policy ensures a seamless experience from order placement to product arrival. Here’s how we manage the process:

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1. Product Listing and Customization:

   – Garnet Tools provides comprehensive product listings with detailed information such as dimensions, weight, and customization options on various portals.

   – Customers can customize their products according to their preferences, ensuring accurate manufacturing by Garnet Tools.

   – Details provided are approximate in nature and can vary as per updation, modifications or change in parts or systems. Any specific requirement by customer, can get it checked from us before ordering or shipment.

2. Order Processing:

   – Upon order confirmation, we promptly acknowledge the purchase and provide an estimated delivery timeline.

   – Clear communication channels are maintained to address any queries or concerns regarding the order, with Garnet Tools overseeing the production process.

3. Production and Quality Assurance:

   – Garnet Tools initiates production promptly upon order confirmation, ensuring adherence to customer specifications.

   – Rigorous quality assurance measures are implemented throughout the production process to maintain high standards consistent with Garnet Tools’ reputation.

4. Packaging & Insurance:

   – We use durable and protective packaging materials suitable for transporting large items over long distances, ensuring that products manufactured by Garnet Tools reach customers intact.

   – Adequate packaging can be provided to protect the product during transit, safeguarding its quality until it reaches the customer (Charges if required payable by buyer)

  – Insurance if required by client to be payable as per actual.

5. Shipping and Tracking:

   – We partner with reputed shipping companies capable of handling packages with care.

   – Customers receive tracking information upon dispatch, allowing real-time monitoring of their shipment, with Garnet Tools overseeing the shipping process to ensure timely delivery.

6. Delivery Period:

   – Products manufactured by Garnet Tools can be shipped within 5-50 days for basic goods but for customized machines or larger machines can be as per the quotation provided.

   – Delivery periods vary based on location, complexity, payment terms and related factories with Garnet Tools ensuring efficient delivery management on clearance from buyer of the required inputs.

7. Delivery and Installation Service:

Delivery services are handled by third party or transporter, the terms will be informed and agreed upon on buyer before dispatch. Unloading, placement, electrical fitting, Installation and production on buyer.

   – Garnet Tools’ can train customer representatives to install and maintain the machine with care, the charges for the same to be extra as applicable.

8. Customer Support:

   – Proactive communication is maintained throughout the delivery process, with updates on any potential delays or changes provided by Garnet Tools’ customer support team.

   – Customers can rely on Garnet Tools to address any issues or concerns promptly, ensuring a satisfactory shopping experience.

9. Continuous Improvement:

   – Garnet Tools and its partners regularly review and optimize the delivery process based on customer feedback and performance metrics.

   – Collaboration with shipping partners allows Garnet Tools to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation, ensuring ongoing enhancement of the delivery experience for customers.

With this delivery policy, Garnet Tools aim to exceed customer expectations and ensure a seamless shopping experience for Machines and Tools.



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