Drying or Seasoning Plant

Drying or Seasoning Plant


Wattage 100W
Size/Dimension 1890x990x600cm(LxWxH)
Material Mild Steel
Voltage 440V
Phase Single Phase
Frequency 50Hz
Usage/Application Drying Seasoning Plant
Power Electricity
Machine Capacity 500kg/hr
Automation Grade Semi-automatic
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Drying or Seasoning Plant/Kiln for Wood, Bamboo or Others

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We have developed a highly effective and faster method of drying wood or bamboo than conventional systems. Our specialised system of drying wood or bamboo works nearly 4-5 times faster than normal conventional drying systems.

We can provide similar system for your specific requirement of size and treatment system.

Advantages of the system:
Lesser wood or bamboo cracking or drying effects
Better control on working temperature and humidity of material
Cna be customised for any type of bamboo or wood or any other special material

We manufacture vareity of bamboo or wood treatment and drying systems as per customer needs:
1. Vacuum Pressure Treatment System
2. Bouchrie Type treatment system
3. Drying system – forced air, conventional type
4. Drying system with Controlling and 4-5 times faster drying
5. Boiling type treatment system6. Any other customised systems

We manufacture many wood working machines in-house and would like to know the type of machinery required by you.
• Simple Cutting Machines,
• Thickness or surface planners,
• Multi-purpose machinery,
• Finger Jointing machinery and lines,
• Hot and cold Presses,
• Drying System,
• Treatment System,
• Coating, curing, sanding,
• Panel or Board Cutting saws,
• Dust collector, or any other.