Multiple Strip Cutting Machine

Multiple Strip Cutting Machine


Frequency 50Hz
Voltage 220V
Wattage 50W
Weight 50kg
Usage/Application Multiple Strip Cutting Machine
Brand Garnet Tools
Material Aluminium
Capacity 400kg/hr
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Multiple Strip Cutting Machine – Strip Cutting Machine is used to cut strips from sheets of precompressed boards, press board, fiberglass, densified wood or insulation sheets.This machine has a special feature to reduce operator involvement and lessen material handling times. We get multiple strips from a single pass as the machine uses multiple carbide tipped special saws to cut sheet into separate strips of required width. The machine is used to make press board strips, which can be then used to edge rounded strips, dovetail strips, t-strip to be used in transformer insulation. This machine is provided with dust collection hoses and anti vibration pads for better stability of machine.

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