Heavy Duty Rip Saw Machine

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Minimum Order Quantity 1 Set
Frequency 50Hz
Brand Garnet Tools
Weight 300-800kg
Voltage 440V
Warranty 1 Year
Power 2 HP
Usage/Application Heavy Duty Multiple Rip Saw
Automation Grade Semi-automatic
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Heavy Duty Rip Saw Machine

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Heavy Duty Multiple Rip Saw is used to cut strips from sheets of wood, plywood, precompressed boards, press board, fiberglass, densified wood or insulation sheets.
We get multiple strips from a single pass as the Multiple Rip Saw uses multiple carbide tipped special saws to cut sheet into separate strips of required width.

Rip Saw Machine uses thin saws to cut sheets and thus has low loss of material. Multiple Rip Saw can also be used to make press board strips, which can be then used to edge rounded strips, dovetail strips, t-strip to be used in transformer insulation.

We, at Garnet Machines have been manufacturing tooling and machinery for press board, fiberglass and densified wood industry for the last 20-25 years. We have developed many machines for making press board and wood components. Also would like to mention special purpose machinery that we have developed in cutting, pressing and milling required for component manufacturing.

Specifications of the machine is dependent upon customer requiremeent so we have given a generalised paramters that we can design the machine:

Maximum width of working: 125mm – 300mm
Thickness of cutting: 1mm -110mm
Number of Cutters that can be used: 1-10 nos.
Motor Power: 5-12HP
Feeding system using rollers
Dust collection ducts for material


  • Low maintenance
  • Extended life
  • Reliable action

Our multi rip saw will quickly and accurately cut through any material with ease.



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